Tarot, Crystals and Herbs, Oh My!

Last week, we continued our journey through the tarot with exploring the magickal attributes of The Magician.  Today, we’re taking a look at THE HIGH PRIESTESS.

The High Priestess from The Golden Dawn Ritual Tarot by Chic and Sandra Tabitha Cicero
  • magickal title – Priestess of the Silver Star
  • the second key
  • the 13th path
  • water
  • cool, wet
  • feminine/receptive
  • Virgo
  • The Moon

The path of The High Priestess is the longest path on the Tree of Life, from God the Crown to God the Son (from the source of all to the slain and resurrected one).  The Hebrew letter Gimel is attributed to this path, and means camel.  The camel is the only animal that can carry us across the Abyss.  The 13th path is the ultimate source of water and represents the root-essence of consciousness.  The High Priestess is the counterpart of The Magician, thus receiving creative force and initiating form.  The High Priestess is a higher form of the energy contained in the Temperance card.  Her lower body forms a downwards pointing arrow, a reflection of the upwards facing arrow seen in the Temperance card.  This symbolizes her function as regulator of the flow and direction of vibration.  Together, the two arrows form a current of consciousness, waxing and waning.


Change, alteration, increase and decrease, fluctuation

As a Significator

Someone trying to get in touch with him/herself, someone who holds a secret, a wise woman, psychic, researcher, scholar, an ideal woman

If you would like to try a tarot meditation with The High Priestess, see my posts here and here.

ADDER’S TONGUE (Erythronium Americanum)

  • water
  • The Moon
  • Cancer
  • feminine, receptive
  • cool, wet
  • healing, sleep, prophetic dreams, fertility, peace, meditation, purification, love, friendships, fidelity


  • feminine, receptive
  • water
  • Jupiter
  • Aquarius
  • cool, wet
  • Chakra – Third Eye
  • courage, dreams, healing, happiness, psychic abilities, peace, love, protection against thieves

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