Tarot, Crystals and Herbs, Oh My!

In last week’s post, we started learning the magickal correspondences of tarot, crystals and herbs.  If you missed it, you can read it here.  We’re continuing on this week, and sticking with the order of the tarot cards, next up is THE MAGICIAN.

The Magician from The Golden Dawn Ritual Tarot by Chic & Sandra Tabitha Cicero
  • magickal title – Magus of Power
  • the first key
  • the 12th path
  • air – active / earth – passive
  • Gemini
  • Mercury

The path of The Magician lies between Kether (the source) and Binah (the organizer of form), the Crown of Understanding, the beginning of material production.  The Magician is the architect and builder of the house that the divine spirit resides.  He is The Fool in the act of experience.  He is a form of the Egyptian god, Thoth.  He is a symbol of the step towards manifestation from the silent, pre-thought stage that is represented by The Fool.  The Magician stands before a transparent altar, which suggests that the thought of manifestation is present, but is yet to be actualized.  The four tools resting upon the altar represent the four elements, the four suits of the tarot, the four Qabbalistic Worlds, and the four-lettered name of God.


Wisdom, cunning, skill.  In certain instances, occult wisdom.  The ability to use the power from above and direct it into manifestation.  May be a builder of houses (Beth, the Hebrew letter associated with The Magician, means house).  The Magician is the house in which the divine spirit resides.  Creative in home life, may be an inventor.

As a Significator

A person becoming aware of their potential.  A magician, builder, artist or inventor.  The ideal man.

If you would like to try a tarot meditation with The Magician, see my posts here and here.

ADAM & EVE ROOT (Aplectrum Hyemale)

  • water
  • Venus
  • Libra (Taurus)
  • Feminine, receptive
  • cool, wet
  • love, happiness, represents perfect union, fidelity


  • masculine, projective
  • fire
  • Sun
  • Leo
  • warm, dry
  • Chakra – Solar Plexus
  • luck, healing, strength, protection, beauty, love


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