Pathworking II – Guides

In pathworking I, I shared the process of relaxation and deep meditation I use to prepare myself for astral work or self-hypnosis.  You can read that post here.  It’s not better or worse than other techniques, it just works for me, and if you find it works for you, great.  If not, use the technique you’re accustomed to.  If you’re a beginner and you’re finding it’s not working, you may just need some patience and time practicing the steps.  If after a dedicated amount of time using the technique without success, do some research and try other methods until you find something that works for you.

In this post, I’m going to share a pathworking for meeting guides.  Spirit guides are exactly that – spirits that guide us.  They can be human (masters, ancestors, non-living adepts), or animal spirits, or otherworldly entities (mythical creatures, angels).  I personally believe that guides are unique life forms, and not archetypal forces or aspects of our higher selves.

An individual can have major guides and minor guides.  Major guides typically guide each of us throughout our lives, whereas minor guides can come and go as they are needed for a specific time period in a person’s life.

For this pathworking, and all future pathworkings that I will post, I will be basing them off of the techniques used in Pathworking I.  Basically, at the beginning of each pathworking we will start inside the sphere as described in that post.  We won’t be working to meet a specific guide in this post, so I can’t say who, or what, you will meet.

Cast your circle in whatever manner you are accustomed to.  Perform the breathing exercise, followed by the lightbody exercise, and finishing with the rainbow descent.

Stand up in the sphere.  The wall of the sphere before you shimmers gently, prompting you to walk up to it.  Is the wall still opaque, or does it become transparent?  If it is transparent, see a woodland path beyond the sphere.  Whether or not it’s transparent, you can step through the shimmering wall, and onto a woodland path.  Look around you, at the grass, rocks, trees, and sky.  Try to feel the breeze, hear the sounds of forest life around you, and smell the trees and flowers around you.  If you can’t manage this, it’s OK.

Begin walking forward, along the path through the trees.  As you walk, touch the trees and plants, see if you can actually feel them.  Again, if you cannot, it’s OK.  The path twists and turns around the ancient giants, slopes down and crawls upwards.  Be aware of any animals or other entities you may see beyond the treeline on either side of the path.  Continue to hear, touch, and smell as best you can.

Eventually, the path opens up into a clearing in the trees.  Stop walking at the entrance of this clearing and look around.  Is it a wild natural space, a garden, or perhaps a clearing with a stone circle at its centre?  Whatever image comes to you is correct.  Step into the clearing and spend as much time exploring the space as you need.  Capture as much detail as you can for future trips to this space.

Once you feel you have spent enough time exploring, notice a bench, or a log, or low stone off in the distance.  Sitting on it, or near to it, is the guide you’re meant to meet at this time.  Can you tell what your guide is from this distance (human, animal, or other)?  Don’t force the image.  Try to avoid tailoring what you see to what you expect your guide to look like.  As examples, if you were expecting a female human, but see a male, don’t try to force the guide to appear female.  If it’s an angel, but doesn’t look like what you expect an angel to look like, try not to alter the image to your tastes.

Approach your guide and introduce yourself.  Begin a conversation with them.  Let it flow naturally.  Get to know them.  You may actually hear them speak, or it may be a voice inside your head.  As your guide questions – what aspect of your life are they there to assist with?  How long have they been with you?  Where do they come from?  Is this the best way to meet with them?  Is there anything you can add to the pathworking techniques that are tailored to their nature that would make the process of meeting with them easier or more effective?  Ask them if they need anything from you. Are there things you can do in the physical world for them, things to strengthen your bond?  Spend as much time with them as you need, or as much time as they’re willing to spend.

When ready, thank them for appearing to you and unless otherwise stated by them, let them know that you will be contacting them again in the future.  Walk away towards the entrance to this forest clearing.  Step onto the woodland path, and retrace your steps to the sphere, again listening, touching, and smelling as best you can.

The side of the sphere you exited from still shimmers slightly, allowing you to pass through with ease.  Sit down and begin to reverse the rainbow descent, now the rainbow ascent.  Once you have made it back up to red, slowly being to wiggle your fingers, move your hands and feet, then arms and legs, finally opening your eyes and returning to the waking world.  Record your experience with as much detail as you can remember.  The next time you perform this pathworking, reread your experience so that you can better visualize the forest clearing.

Repeated visits to this location will make it easier and easier to visualize.  It can change in appearance over time on its own, and you can also make conscious changes to it.  Eventually, it will become a permanent place within the astral, a safe space for you to spend time in.

Two things to note – if you don’t initially see a guide, don’t despair.  Stand in the clearing and set your intention of this being a place for you to meet your guides.  Send it out into the astral, then leave in the manner described above.  Try again another day.

Your guides will know much about you.  If the entity you have met is asking a lot of questions about you, questions a guide really should know, there is every possibility of them not being a guide, but a potentially problematic, possibly dangerous, entity.  If at any time you feel uncomfortable in your exchange, you can immediately imagine yourself safe in your sphere, where you can then perform the rainbow ascent and return to your waking self.  Don’t let this frighten you or put you off.  Keep performing the pathworking, if for nothing else, firmly establishing the space in the astral.  The more ‘solid’ it becomes, set with your intention of a safe space to meet with your guides, the more of a sanctuary it will become.  Casting a circle around yourself prior to the pathworking can usually prevent such negative experiences, but is not a guarantee.

As an aside, we will be discussing astral wards in a later post.

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