Tarot, Crystals and Herbs, Oh My!

In my post ‘Learning Your Craft‘, I gave some suggestions on studying various topics, like tarot, crystals and herbs.  That gave me the idea to do the work for you (plus I’m a bit bored in lock up).

Since the best place to start is at the beginning, we’re starting with THE FOOL.

The Fool from The Golden Dawn Ritual Tarot by Chic & Sandra Tabitha Cicero
  • magickal title – Spirit of Ether
  • the zero key
  • the 11th path
  • air – active / earth – passive
  • Aquarius
  • Uranus

The Path of The Fool (the path of fiery intelligence) is the first connection between Kether (the crown) and Chokmah (wisdom).  In The Golden Dawn Ritual Tarot, the ‘fool’ is the child-god Harpocrates, representing the sum of all possibilities of life yet to come, the potential to do anything.  The child-god is giving the Sign of Silence, alluding to the fact that higher spiritual knowledge cannot be communicated verbally, there is only truth in silence.  The babe and wolf imagery represents the opposing forces of innocence and ferocity, balanced and counteracting each other in this image.  The child-god is reaching for a yellow rose, signifying is search for initiation of spirit-life.


Idea, thought, spirituality.  If the reading is about spiritual matters – endeavouring to rise above the material.  If it is in regards to material events – folly, stupidity, eccentricity, mania, unless with very good cards.  It is too ideal and unstable to be generally good in materials matters.

As a Significator

An adolescent, or innocent (inexperienced) person, someone who needs to make a decision, someone who is about to embark on some sort of venture, a traveler, an adventurer

If you would like to try a tarot meditation with The Fool, see my posts here and here.

ACACIA (Acacia Senegal)

  • also referred to as Gum Arabic
  • air
  • Sun (Mercury)
  • Libra (Virgo)
  • masculine, projective
  • warm, wet
  • money, protection, meditation, psychic development & growth, when combined with Sandalwood stimulates psychic centres, increase power of spells


  • feminine, receptive
  • earth
  • Uranus
  • Virgo
  • substitute – Aventurine
  • gambling, success, attract money, balancer of emotions – flows with the emotions towards others


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