Tarot Spell for Removing a Person from Your Life

Many of us are inspired by the ‘new year, new you’ mindset, so for those of you wanting to get a head-start on your spring cleaning and want to remove someone from your life, here is a handy little tarot spell that will do just that.


In this layout, the 2 of Swords bars access to you.  The Ace of Swords represents the forces you summon to drive the person away, and the 8 of Cups represents the person giving up and forced to head off in another direction.

For this post I decided to use the Landon Connors Occult Detective Tarot by author and paranormal investigator Bob Freeman because all three cards depict people, and this spell is all about individuals (you and the person).  The imagery in the first two cards is more than appropriate for the task at hand, guns instead of swords.  The third card may not be as perfect at first look, but here we have a shaman with arms raised, which you can see as barring the way.  Using the Rider-Waite Tarot, the 8 of Cups shows an individual with his back turned, walking off into a barren landscape.  With that imagery, you are depicting the individual you want to remove from your life doing exactly that, giving up and walking away.


Typically, with tarot spells not much else is needed.  I find the allegories contained in the images to be powerful motivators and focal points.  However, banishing candles in black, incense, anointing oils, black cloth, etc. can be used to give this spell a boost.  Using your athame during the visualization, using it to make an X over the image of the person instead of using your finger, is an example of how you can build on this spell.

Once candles/incense is in place, and everything is ready to go, spend some time visualizing the person you want to remove from your life.  Once this image is firmly in place, set down the 2 of Swords and visualize them where you are most likely to come into contact with them.  Once that picture is set, using your finger/athame, trace an X in front of you and see it over the image in your mind.  Now visualize this person coming towards you, but become blocked by an invisible barrier.  See them trying their hardest to get around this barrier, but to no avail.

Next, lay down the Ace of Swords and visualize yourself pointing a sword at the individual.  See them still unable to pass the barrier and grow uncomfortable.

Lastly, set down the 8 of Cups as you visualize the person turning away from you, losing all interest in you, their focus on a new interest, a new place, a new activity.  See them with their back to you, heading off away from you.

(It’s important that at no point during the visualization you focus on the negative things they do to you, negative feelings they bring up in you)

Note: I’ve never been a big fan of rhyming chants, and typically don’t do them (you’ll see why in a minute).  This is one of the rare instances that I attempted a rhyme.

After you have completed the visualization, say this chant as many times as you feel necessary:

Here me, this I say

It’s time for you to go away

Time for you to leave for good

Leave me in peace, as you should

By card and sword, by fire and will

I am now free, life is calm and still

Yep, it’s not a great chant, haha!  I was going to change it for this blog post, but decided against it.  I don’t mind laughing at myself a bit.

Good luck taking out the trash!

Blessings, Lailoken /|\





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