Tarot Spell For Motivation

With three days left to 2019, many of us have turned our thoughts to the things we would like to achieve in 2020.  As with many things, our desire to do these things can often outweigh our motivation to get started with them, much less achieve our goals.  So, for those who need a bit of a kick in the pants, here is a quick and simple tarot spell for motivation.


In this layout, the Ace of Wands is for energy.  The Magician represents you focusing your attention and using your energy to achieve your goal.  The 8 of Pentacles represents work.

This layout is fairly generic in it’s application, however, you can switch out the 8 of Pentacles for another card that better represents your intention.  Use the Strength card if your intention is to start exercising, or Temperance to break a bad habit, as examples.

I don’t incorporate any other items into this spell (candles, charms, crystals, etc.) because it is meant to be done on a needs basis, when you need that ‘kick in the pants’, that infusion of energy, motivation, and strength of will.

As such, I’ve also kept the chant very simple and basic:

I focus my mind, I focus my body

I summon energy, I summon will

I am strong in thought, and strong in action

I immerse myself in my work

I accomplish my goals

While performing the chant, visualize yourself becoming more focused, more energetic, and strong in mind and body.  When it feels right, switch to visualizing yourself accomplishing your goals while you continue the chant.  Again, when it feels right, stop chanting and spend a few more moments visualizing your completed goal.

Happy and successful 2020!

Blessings, Lailoken /|\



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