Did You Know That Cellophane Is Biodegradable?


I didn’t.  I’ve always just assumed that cellophane was just a type of plastic.  Unlike in the UK and some other countries where cellophane is trademarked, here in Canada, cellophane has become a genericized term that is often used to refer to plastic film products not made from cellulose, like plastic (cling) wrap.

Thanks to a wonderful gentleman who owns an incense distribution company in Australia, I discovered that cellophane is made from plant cellulose, and is completely biodegradable.  Cellophane has additional benefits, which you can see in the picture below.

Loose Incense Repack a Plastic bag on the left, cellophane bag on the right.  The cellophane bag has a crystal clear finish that enhances the aesthetic of the product.

So why am I talking about cellophane?  Well, I’m very proud that I have produced a full line of products that are all natural, and that the herbs, resins, and essential oils I use are certified organic.  Quite often when I’ve been packaging my Loose Incense, Sabbat Altar Sets, or Stick Incense, I found myself wondering why I’m using plastic packaging that’s going to end up sitting in landfills, or floating in the ocean.  I felt like there was a disconnect between the products and the packaging.

Not anymore.

I’m excited to announce that I will be switching my packaging to cellophane, which means that my 100% natural products will now be in 100% biodegradable packaging.  It’s better for the environment, it more attractive, and it doesn’t increase my production costs.  It’s a win-win-win.

Besides the Soy Spell Candles which are shrink wrapped in cellophane already, you will first see this packaging change with the Stick Incense.  It’ll take a bit longer to see the repack with the Loose Incense and the Sabbat Altar Sets, as it’s a matter of selling out of already packaged products.

This is one small step I can take as an individual and a business.  The positive effect on the environment may be small, but when we all take small steps together, we all can make a big impact.



Happy Canada Day


While everyone across the nation is celebrating Canada’s 151st birthday, I’m celebrating the first two months since the launch of my Soy Spell Candles.  I’m thrilled with how well received they’ve been, selling more and quicker than expected.  As I continue to make more and more, I’m loving them more and more.

I think back to when I first started experimenting with making these candles.  Not only did I have to experiment with different types of soy waxes, I also had to experiment with the process to ensure that I enjoyed it every step of the way.  I would never make and sell products I didn’t enjoy making, so if I found this candle-making process too tedious and unenjoyable, they never would have made it into my product line-up.

I remember removing my first candle from its mould.  I was thrilled that I was successful, and so pleased at how nice the candle looked.  It was perfect…a little too perfect, actually.  It sat on my desk, and I kept starring at it from across the room.  It was so perfect, and I should be jumping up and down at how easy it was to make such a great looking candle.  It looked just as nice as any candle in a store, like the ones made by machine.

It was too perfect, it didn’t look hand-crafted.

At that point, I was pretty sure that I was going to scrap the idea of launching these candles.  I like how nice all my products look, and that they look hand-crafted…nice, but not perfect.  Perfect imperfection.

But…once I have my mind set on something, it’s hard to turn away from it, and I really wanted a candle option of my vegan customers that can’t use my Beeswax Spell Candles.  So I sucked it up and kept going, experimenting with different soy waxes until I found the one I was happiest with, then moved on to testing dyes until I got the colour the way I wanted them, and finally working on the fragrances.  Eventually, everything was ready to go.

By that point, I was more excited for the launch.  I still wasn’t over the perfect shape of these lovely, blemish-free, semi-matte candles, but they were definitely growing on me.  Why?  Was I just getting used to them?  Was I just getting over myself?  Nope!  Every time I think they’re still a little too perfect, I just flip them over and look at the bottoms of the candles.  They’re a mess!  Not being made in machines, but in individual metal moulds that I hand pour the wax into, these perfect looking cylinders of wax can sometimes harden with slight unevenness that has to be corrected by shaving off some of the wax.  On top of that, the knot of the wick tied around it’s stick can create a bump that has to be shaved down.

The bottoms of the candles aren’t pretty…and I love them!

No one can mistake my candles for machine made, and that makes me very, very happy.  I love my new Soy Spell Candles, and I’m thrilled that everyone else does as well.

Perfect Imperfection