Scented Soy Spell Candles – Coming Soon

Soy Launch done

After a long wait, supplier issues, raw material orders going missing during shipping, and with much work, I’m excited to finally be able to launch the Soy Spell Candles, the newest products in the Lailokens Awen product line-up.

As far back as 2016, I had it in mind to expand the product range with these candles.  But, as my business exploded thanks mostly to my two distributors, it was enough trying to keep up production with the current products.  The soy candles were shelved, but not forgotten.

What really prompted me to get to work on these was learning that vegans will not use my Beeswax Spell Candles.  Now, for those of you who have followed my business from the beginning, I launched the range of Smokeless Smudge Sprays to accommodate those who have issues with incense smoke.  I wanted to be as inclusive as possible.  Now I learn that I’m neglecting a large group of potential customers, and that needed to be corrected.

During the process of formulating, I thought about those individuals sensitive to smoke, which made me think of those sensitive to scent.  I can burn incense by the cauldron full, but I can have a hard time burning scented candles.  They often irritate my eyes and nose, and I’m not particularly sensitive to scent.  So, I decided to keep the Soy Spell Candles lightly scented, giving enough scent that you can detect something in the air, but not be overwhelmed by the fragrance.  Sitting within a few feet of the candles while they burn offers enough scent to be pleasant, but again, without being overwhelming.  What I am really happy about is the quality of the cold throw (the scent given off when the candle isn’t burning).  It’s perfect!

I’ll be talking about the Soy Spell Candles more over the next few weeks, but for now, this will do.