Happy Samhain!

happy samhain

I spent the day of Samhain doing what I always do on a Sabbat.  My mornings are ALWAYS dedicated to coffee, which makes it the best time to do my paperwork and various other administrative things related to owning a business.  The afternoon I dedicated to preparing for the evenings ritual.

As an aside, I run a local pagan group, and like so many groups, we have to plan our group rituals around our lives, which often mean they are not performed on the ‘proper’ day.  So, we had our Samhain ritual on the weekend, and last nights ritual was a solo one.

Besides ritual, one thing I like to do on a Sabbat is a small, three-card tarot spread to give me some insight on what is in store for me between one Sabbat and the next.  So, I decided to use my new Landon Connors Occult Detective Tarot Deck, created by author Bob Freeman.

Tarot Spread

Left card represents the previous six weeks, or so, in this case between the Autumn Equinox and Samhain.  Middle card represents now, and right card represents the upcoming six weeks, or between Samhain and the Winter Solstice.

I wasn’t surprised to find that there were no Major Arcana in this spread.  The Nine of Cups reversed summed up the recent past quite accurately.  I’m still meditating on the Ace of Cups reversed, and the 10 of Pentacles shows a favourable outcome for the near future.

Phew!  Dodged another bullet!

The last thing I do on a Sabbat has become the most important – that would be making batches of my Samhain Loose Incense and Samhain Anointing Oil.  These are for my Sabbat Altar – Loose Incense & Anointing Oil Sets.

Samhain Altar

I make the Loose Incense and Anointing Oil for each Sabbat only on the day of the Sabbat in question, so if I don’t get around to it, it doesn’t get done.  And if I don’t have stock to sell…the tiny home trend is all the rage, but somehow I think living in a cardboard box is stretching it a bit.

I’d like to say that today I get some downtime.  I think I deserve it, this being my favourite time of the year, I do a lot of Halloween activities.  Add all my Samhain activities into the mix, and it makes for a busy few days.  However, a large order from my Canadian distributor beckons, so off I go!